wetice program WETICE-2011-COPECH  Agenda

Monday June 27, 2011
Room F202
  • Kenji Oguni, Tomohiro Miyazaki and Naoki Yurimoto. Wireless Sensor Network for Post-seismic Building-wise Damage Detection
  • Marco Petracca, Remo Pomposini, Francesco Vatalaro and Remo Pomposini. Dynamic Spectrum Access Techniques for Preservation of Environment and Cultural Heritage
  • Jingcheng Zhang, Allan Hyunh, Qin-Zhong Ye,  Shaofang Gong and Jingcheng Zhang. CultureBee – A Fully Wireless Monitoring and Control System for Protecting Cultural Heritage
12:30-2:00  Lunch
Room F202
  • Michela Basili, Anna Sinopoli and Michela Basili. A Semi-analytical Approach for the Contact Dynamics of Ancient Columns  Modeled as Rigid Blocks
  • Yu Bao, Guosun Zeng and Tianjie Cao. Resisting Collusion by Game in Culture Web
  • Emiliano Paglia and Alessandra Basili.  NGNs: a Platform Enhancing Technological Multimedia Services in Cultural Heritage Innovations
  • Gilles Martinet. Sustainability of  Ancient Buildings Through the Diagnosis of their Materials
3:40-4:00  Coffee break



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