wetice program WETICE-2011-CoMetS Agenda

Tuesday June 28, 2011

Room F202

CoMetS 2011 Session I: "Applications"

  • Collaborative Development of a Space System Simulation Model Volker Schaus, Karsten Großekatthofer, Daniel Ludtke, and Andreas Gerndt
  • On the development of a digital meteorological model for simulating future air traffic management automation Jesús Gonzalo and Carmen Salguero
  • Modeling Renewable Energy Readiness: The UAE Context Nazli Choucri, Daniel Goldsmith and Toufic Mezher

12:45-2:15    Lunch
Room F202
CoMetS Session II: "Simulator Life-cycle Support: Design, Reuse, Integration and Testing"
  • DEVSimPy:A Collaborative Python Software for Modeling and Simulation of DEVS Systems Laurent Capocchi, Jean-François Santucci, Bastien Poggi and Celine Nicolai
  • Towards Configuration Support for Collaborative Simulator Development: A Product Line Approach in Model Based Systems Engineering Henric Andersson,  Magnus Carlsson, and Johan Ölvander 
  • OPM Model-Driven Animated Simulation with Computational Interface to Matlab-Simulink Sergey Bolshchikov, Aharon Renick, Shay Mazor, Judith Somekh, and Dov Dori
  • A Modular and Scalable Application Platform for Testing and Evaluating ITS Components Tobias Lorenz, Martin Baumann, Klaus Jaschke, and Frank Koster
4:00-4:30    Coffee break
Room F202
CoMetS 2010 Session III: Modeling for Collaboration
  • Collaborative Business Process Modeling with CoMoMod: A Toolkit for Model Integration in Distributed Cooperation Environments Thorsten Dollmann, Constantin Houy, Peter Fettke, and Peter Loos
  • Petri net modeling and verification of transactional workflows Kais Klai and Walid Gaaloul
  • Formal Description of a Generic Multi-Model Sebastian Fuchs, Mathias Kadolsky and Raimar J. Scherer
  • An Information-Sharing Platform for Buyer Coalition: Introducing the Awareness-based Buyer Coalition (ABC) System Laor Boongasame and Farhad Daneshgar



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