wetice program WETICE-2011-CDCGM Agenda

Tuesday June 28, 2011

Room F204

CDCGM - Session 1: New Computing Models:

  • Introductions
  • Scaling and Self-repair of Linux Based Applications Using a Novel Distributed Computing Model Exploiting Parallelism - G. Morana and R. Mikkilineni
  • Parallax – A New Operating System Prototype Demonstrating Service Scaling and Self-Repair in Multi-core Servers - R. Mikkilineni, I. Seyler
  • Discussion on Computing Models

12:45-2:15    Lunch
Room F204
CDCGM-Session 2: Computing Models, Cloud Computing and Grids:
  • AAA in a Cloud-Based Virtual DIME Network Architecture (DNA) - F. Tusa, A. Celesti and R. Mikkilineni
  • CHASE: An Autonomic Service Engine for Cloud Environments -  M. Rak, A. Cuomo and U. Villano
  • Exploiting the Small-World Effect for Resource Finding in P2P Grids/Clouds - F. Messina, G. Pappalardo, and C. Santoro
  • WSBCL: Web Services Based Classloader  - F. C. Teixeira, M. J. Santana, R. H. C. Santana, S. M. Bruschi, Estrella, J.C
  • Discussion on Cloud Computing and Grids
4:00-4:30    Coffee break
Room F204
CDCGM -Session 3: Short Papers:
  • Sam Dog: A Java Sandbox Using a Cascading Access, Control List Approach - F. C. Teixeira,M. J. Santana, R. H. C. Santana, S. M. Bruschi, Estrella, J.C
  • Managing Dependability in Distributed System - F. Cuttone, M. Bandieramonte, A. Di Stefano, G. Morana, 
  • An improvement of a different approach for medical image storage - D. D. J. De Macedo, M. A. M. Capretz, T. C. Prado, A. von Vangenheim, M. A. R. Dantas
  • Discussion
  • Concluding Remarks



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