wetice program WETICE-2011-AROSA Agenda

Monday June 27, 2011
Room F201
  • Service micro-container for service-based applications in Cloud environments by Mohamed Mohamed, Sami Yangui, Samir Moalla and Samir Tata.
  • A Novel Semantic Framework for Analyzing Dynamic Web Services by Fateh Latreche and Faiza Belala.
  • Using Diversity to Design and Deploy Fault Tolerant Web Services by Noura Faci, Hanane Abdeldjelil, Zakaria Maamar and Djamal Benslimane.
12:30-2:00  Lunch
Room F201
  • Component-based Environment Control Platform for Plant Factory by Aekyung Moon.
  • Towards the Automatic Generation of Self-Adaptive Robotics Software: an Experience Report by Juan F. Ingles-Romero, Cristina Vicente-Chicote, Brice Morin and Olivier Barais.
  • Constituent Computation Oriented Architecture: Shift Binding in both Temporal and Spatial Domains by Ji Lu, Weifang Nong and Bill Gray.
  • An Agent-based Framework for Adaptive Sustainable Transportation by Ammar Memari, Benjamin Wagner Vom Berg and Jorge Marx Gómez.
3:40-4:00  Coffee break



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